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ThinkInternational's 10th Anniversary

Let's take a trip down memory lane...

First placement at Goldman Sachs.

2000 - Cablevision participates in Think's international recruitment program to Brazil, then London.

2000 - SIAC participates in the International Recruitment Program, after five previous trips to London. Michael Prospect is SIAC's senior representative, and chooses top talent.

2001 - SIAC takes two more recruitment trips to Brazil, with incredible success.

And the story continues... you have all contributed to Think's unbeatable network. This is what makes the Think team truly outstanding.

2006 - Think partners with BRQ (thanks Antonio Guimaraes for introducing us)

2008 - ThinkInternational becomes ThinkBRQ, expanding our business offerings to include on/off shore services utilizing Brazil.

ThinkBRQ brings together the highly qualified team and extensive business knowledge of ThinkInternational, and the remarkable technical competence in information technology services of
BRQ, one of the main IT services companies in Brazil.

Testimonials for ThinkInternational and ThinkBRQ

I'd like to thank all who have worked for, and with, ThinkInternational, now ThinkBRQ. I am eternally grateful for your support, professionalism, loyalty and friendship and am incredibly proud of all of you! I also thank Michael Starr, the best business partner and friend.

--Joanne Diehl, President of ThinkInternational, dba ThinkBRQ